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SHUD-I (Jakob Namon) was born and raised in Miami and found their passion for electronic music in footwork, jungle, breakcore, and happy hardcore. After bothering their friends endlessly to play songs they liked, they finally picked up their own decks and put hand to platter. Having written, performed, and produced hip hop since highschool, SHUD-I has always had a special love for drums that bang. Dipping their toe into the left field of Miami Bass and UK Garage for a bit (and the ocassional detour into Nightcore Juke remixes of early 2000's pop hits) they have starting putting their focus into footwork, a genre with tangible roots and plenty of variety.

They have been an integral part of the Nightshade crew and are always ready to learn more about sound. They have stepped into the role of sound system production assistant as well as talent buyer, and we are so happy to have them in the fam! 

SHUD-I: TeamMember
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