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Known by the moniker of “Bernard”, Jacob Boltax is an up and coming bass music dj/producer from Atlanta, Ga. As a lifelong fan of dubstep and bass music culture, he began mixing in 2018, and then later began to write his own music in 2021. Yet to release music, he has built a name for himself strictly off of his performance value. His sets consist of a blend of various forms of dubstep and freeform bass music. “I always try to create the feeling of a journey in my sets. To make high energy music hit the hardest, I like to create a contrast by playing deeper/downtempo tracks as well. I also try to incorporate elaborate mixes and transitions, to keep the mix interesting. The goal is to always create an experience that leaves listeners Lost in the Mood, floored by the bass, or just grateful to be alive.” Stay on the look out for Bernard, and make sure to attend his immersively mindbending sets as he represents NightShadeFamily.

Bernard: TeamMember
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