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Ellwin is a deep, dark and heavy electronic DJ/Producer coming from the trenches of Athens, GA. He grew up listening to black metal, death metal, kpop and electronic music.
Headbanging and vibing to chunez is his escape from reality. With Nightshade Family by his side, he continues to push his career further despite his physical ailments.
From combining deep dubstep sounds with airy demonic soundscapes, to beefy riddim and machine gun screechy sounds, it's guaranteed he will keep you on your feet. With Dado and Curst discovering him, his years of production and DJ experience, did not become a waste.
This also opened the doors to a better social life within the EDM community.
He continues to form alliances with members of NSF to learn new things and experience life.
In the future, Ellwin will release his first EP and will discover new ways to develop his sound.

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Ellwin: TeamMember
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