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Bass music enthusiast Darcy Reenis aka DRC has been a mainstay of the Southeast US dance music scene since the mid 90’s. Although his first love will always be drum & bass, his rabid obsession with bass music has found him championing emerging styles like dubstep and UK/ future garage along the way. In 2012 he founded the bass music trio Smookie Illson alongside Keith MacKenzie and Fixx. After reconnecting with his D&B roots during the pandemic he started his weekly ‘Liquid Lovers Lounge’ series of Saturday livestreams on Twitch as a way to showcase some of the deeper, more melodic and minimal strains of the genre. This “back to basics” approach to his craft has kicked off perhaps the most rewarding chapter of an already illustrious career as tastemaker. He also runs Torch Drum and Bass in Atlanta. Our in house graphic designer, he is the artist to thank for all NSF event flyers!

D:RC: TeamMember
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