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Svyless, formerly known as JStella, is a force not to be reckoned with. Delivering more of a sinister sound than the average human, he comes equipped with something far more sinister for every style and sub genre. Hailing from streets of the dirty south in Atlanta, Ga. he is armed with both deep and heavy style subs and earth shattering drums. Sharing the stage with devilish acts such as Mantis, Subtronics, Dack Janiels and many more, no sub is safe. Strapped with a collection of malevolent original sounds and bone chilling choirs, he sets forth on a path of destruction and chaos in the name of bass music. He believes that art should comfort the disturbed and disturbed the comforted. Experimenting in every genre imaginable, he even has a dark rap alias under the handle MudBrain. With his black magic ability to  summon the dark lords of the underworld, you won't want to miss a set. For in every set, there is something unique and special to be heard. Welcome to the dark side you never knew existed. This is Svyless.

Svyless: TeamMember
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